- About Us -

Chronicles VR is a creative production studio that helps you bring your products and stories to
life through expert immersive content creation.

What do we do?

360 Video Producation

Gives your audience a first person perspective, as a story unfolds around them. We help you build belief in your stories and products by letting your users experience them first hand wherever they are in the world.

Virtual Reality

Allows your users freedom, to explore and interact with stories and products that we create together with you. Virtual Reality allows for full movement no longer restrained by a singular perspective. All of this is made possible with our expert knowledge of computer generated environments and 3D scanning.


With Augmented and Mixed Reality we enhance the real world around us with digital content and objects. No matter the size or complexity of your product or service we can transport it to anywhere in the world via a smartphone or headset, meaning you can get your clients hands on in ways never before possible.

Creating Unique
User Experience...

Working with cutting edge technologies Chronicles VR is able to go further than ever in creating user driven storytelling and experiences. The technologies and techniques we use enable us to achieve by immersing the user into your narrative. Having a virtual world appear around or in front of you allows for a unique experience every time as the viewer is free to explore their surroundings being no longer confined by a single camera's view. We thrive off developing the art of immersive content and are always happy to share our learning to help others engage audiences through the next generation of digital content.

- Our Team -

Meet some of the team behind Chronicles!

Rachel Derbyshire

Creative Director & Co-Founder

Dominic Deane

Managing Director & Co-Founder