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Virtual & Augmented Reality

Virtual Reality is becoming a new frontier for brand and consumer experiences that truly engages an audience creating an out of this world impact never before possible. VR is incomparable as a tool that enables us to inhabit other worlds. When these virtual worlds are designed around a brand vision or narrative it becomes a unique means of creating direct, memorable impact on the viewing public.

with VR, AR & MR

We work with you to help breakdown the the technologies involved in embracing virtual reality as an engagement tool. We’re always happy to organise hands on introductions to the different types of virtual reality technology as only through putting on a headset can we truly convey the power of immersion. Drop us a call or message to organise demonstrations with Oculus, HTC VIVE, Samsung Gear VR and more!


In creating a unique virtual world for your audience we need to first establish both your goals and their needs. We work with you, creating a plan to ensure we are creating the most impactful virtual, interactive environment possible. Once that is designed to both delight and inform through immersion and engagement.


Once the plan is in place the content creation can begin. We use state of the art physics engines,3D modeling techniques and 3D scanning technologies to build up a 3D world that is entirely unique to you and your users. We are able to create interactive elements, so that not only are we immersing your audience by they are able to reach out and grab the virtual world around them.


With your virtual experience created we then deliver the content that makes most sense for you and your audience. This could be via headsets such as the Oculus or more mobile Samsung Gear VR. Or through the curation of physical events where users can interact with you in person attracted by headsets and the virtual experiences they promise.

We Use:


VR Headsets

Virtual reality (VR), Our virtual reality expertise can help you build tailor-made worlds to enrapture brand new audiences… We are at a point where the technology behind Virtual Reality (VR) is finally meeting popular expectations. Thanks to the emergence of innovative VR platforms, devices and mobile solutions – from the Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR, and upwards to the high-end Valve Vive and Oculus Rift – VR can be an accessible, and utterly unique experience for the masses.

Augmented Reality

Like virtual reality, Augmented Reality (AR) enables us to create and interact with virtual models in the real world via the use of a smartphone or headsets. This effect allows us to bring impossible things to life for our clients and their audiences. We help you bring impossibly large and valuable products around the world with you, as easily as putting a phone in your pocket. With Augmented Reality we bring photorealistic objects into the real world so you can excite and engage your audiences anywhere.

Production and AR/VR App Costs Made Simple:


Method: Benefits Execution: Cost:
Target based AR A robust, cost effective and highly engaging means of taking AR anywhere or implementing an app anyone can download Android or Iphone app £-££
Mixed reality AR experience The most immersive form of Augmented Reality where a dedicated device understands the world around it, introducing virtual models naturally and realistically. MR Headset or Google Tango Device ££-£££
VR experience Creating a VR app is a brilliant way for brands to encapsulate their identity and combine it with the allure of interactivity and cutting edge technology. Oculus, Vive, or Google Cardboard £-£££

Due to the wide scope and bespoke nature of this service, get in contact with use for an accurate quote.