360° Video Production

A New Way of Looking a Video!

360 video is a new powerful medium that acts as a bridge between today's social video platforms and the future of immersive content. 360 video experiences can be viewed across multiple platforms, from youtube, facebook and vimeo or for more immersion videos can be played in VR headsets such as the Samsung Gear, Oculus Rift or Google Daydream.

Be with 360 Video

By placing viewers in the middle of the action 360 video video has revolutionised the the idea of digital storytelling by giving your audience the freedom to explore and create unique experiences within the narratives we create together. This freedom means that 360 videos are watched and rewatched far more than traditional media, as a result they deliver far more impact, all of this achieved through immersion. Every piece of 360 content we produce is bespoke with your audience in mind. This is the process we go through to reliably understand and then deliver the best creative results.


In creating a unique experience for your viewers we need to first establish both your goals and their needs. We work with you to identify exactly how we can create the best possible journey for your viewers, by applying our knowledge on what work best in 360.


Once the plan is in place the content creation can begin. We select the most relevant cutting edge 360 recording technologies and techniques to get the shots we need in the locations that make sense. In post production we create the spherical shot and add the final magical touches to enhance every part of the viewer’s experience.


Once produced we output a 4K video that can be delivered across platforms, from headsets to facebook. We work with you to make sure you’re reaching as many people as possible, with any final creative and design touches you might need. .

The Chronicles 360 video stitching service

Can you bring 360 content creation in house?

We also help companies learn and develop their own in house 360 production skills. We take care of the complex stitching backend of 360 video production for you. Using our computer assisted stitching protocols we can create near artifact free stitched videos 360 videos so you can focus on applying the creativity to a new medium of immersive content. We’ll come in to introduce you to technology and once you’re up to speed the process is easy and reliable.

Stitching Costs Made Simple:

Our stitching costs are split into BLOCKs, these blocks can be
combined so you can stitch as much video as you need.

  Number of  Preview Stills Amount footage stitched, in minutes Cost:
BLOCK 15 £50 per preview 15 £350
BLOCK 30 3 included Free 30 £550

For an exact cost Give us a call or drop us an email to find out more about our 360 video production services or to buy a BLOCK.